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Parallaxis iAlbum 1.1.3

Parallaxis iAlbum 1.1.3: Parallaxis iAlbum - organize, manage, view and edit digital photos. Album an invaluable acquisition in your software collection! Parallaxis iAlbum features: - create an unlimited number of photo albums; - search pictures within your albums; - easily print pictures, with a powerful printing utility; - read pictures from a digital camera or a scanner; - burn albums onto recordable CD disks; - publish your albums on the Internet and send by email; - download additional albums, templates and other free goodies from our

Album Express 4.0: Creates slick, professional-looking picture albums for home, friends and the Web
Album Express 4.0

picture albums for home, friends and the Web. Its wizard-like interface and built-in templates make it easy to present your pictures in style: you can produce a slide show, create an index, catalog your pictures, and build a fully searchable image database -- all with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you`re a computer novice, you`ll love this program`s ease of use. Just select the pictures you want, select a template and watch Album Express assemble

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Best Picture Sorter 4.96: Best Picture Sorter - Sort Pictures with the best Picture Sorter
Best Picture Sorter 4.96

pictures with the best picture sorter. The best picture sorter is a software for the best picture sorting. Picture sorting become easier with the best picture sorter. Just download the best picture sorter to get pictures sorted. This picture sorter is the best picture sorter to sort pictures in My Pictures folder and the best picture sorter to sort pictures anywhere on computer. Want to sort pictures with the best picture sorter? How to sort pictures

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Private Photo Album 1.2.3: A private photo viewer for loving adults hides intimate photos from prying eyes
Private Photo Album 1.2.3

Album is a personal picture viewer for loving adults which lets them view intimate photos and keep them intimate on the PC. The pictures are stored in a single exe file with a password access. The storage is protected by a strong 256-bit encryption and can be taken with you on a USB flash drive, CD disk or any other removable device. Getting started is simple - just use the wizard to create an album and load pictures. Most any adult or a loving couple

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PajerPhoto Album 3D 1.0: View up to 4000 JPEG, Bitmap, PNG or Targa  photos in a 3D Album or Gallery.
PajerPhoto Album 3D 1.0

Album 3D allows both types and the Album also allows you to zoom into the picture to find your ideal distance. Picture information is displayed but can be switched off.  Run pictures forward, backward or in a random order. Sort pictures in date created or modified, picture name, folder name and the size of the picture. You can resume from the last picture shown. Easy sound addition, just give your sound the same name as the picture and place it

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Dans Web Album

albums. This also solves the problem of images being blocked when sent via email attachment -- use a Web Album link instead! Unlike impersonal email attachments, or social media albums that are all identical, Dan`s Web Album allows you to choose from nine unique album templates that showcase your photos and your personality. Dan`s Web Album has the unique feature of a built-in image resizer, allowing you to create beautiful albums hassle free without

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Picture Reporter 1.5.0: Print and share  pictures with comments and captions as a photo album or report.
Picture Reporter 1.5.0

pictures in an album or report or trying to get an office program to layout and print the pictures, you need Picture Reporter! Picture Reporter allows anyone to print a set of pictures with customizable comments and captions as a photo album or report. Although it is especially suited to businesses needing to print a report that includes pictorial documentation, it is just as easily used for creating interesting personal photo albums. The program

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